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Meet Our Leadership

Global Methodist Church Bishop Mark Webb
Bishop Global Methodist Church
Upper Midwest GMC President James Parks
President Pro Tempore
Upper Midwest GMC Vice President Ross Reinhiller
Vice President Pro Tempore

Presiding Elders

Committees & Teams

Administrative Review Committee - Rev. James Parks

Board of Ministry - Rev. Valerie Reinhiller

Committee on Episcopacy - Rev. Jacob Schadel

Committee on Investigation - Rev. James Parks

Conference Leadership Council - Rev. James Parks

Disaster Response Coordinator - Rev. Phil Rogers

Ethnic Ministry Team - Rev. Jonathan Lee

Finance and Administration Committee - Tracie Ludeke

Multiplication Team - Rev. Zach Kingery

Nominations and Leadership Development - Rev. Thomas Bowsher

Prayer & Intercession Team - Rev. Christina Sung

Sessions Committee - Elizabeth Pierson

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