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Connect with the Upper Midwest Conference

Connect With the Life of the Upper Midwest through our Church Center App!

What Is the Church Center App?
The Church Center App is an app that you can access via a web browser or mobile app that you can use to explore, engage, and stay connected with the Upper Midwest Conference. 


What Can I do in the Church Center Mobile & Web App?
Here a few things you can do in the Church Center App:

  • You can access information about your Groups.

  • Access the Conference Directory and add your information to the Directory.

  • View the Conference Calendar.

  • Register for Conference Events.



How do I access the Church Center Web App?






How do I get the Church Center Mobile App?

  • Use the Google Play (Android) and App Store (iPhone) buttons below to connect directly to the download pages. You will need to access these from the device you are downloading the app to.

  • Once you have downloaded the app: Open the app on your device, scan the QR code with your device camera and follow the link to easily setup the app.

UMWChurchCenterApp copy_edited.png

How do I get access to the Directory?

Send us a request here and we will send you an email with instructions on how to access the directory.

How Do I Add My Information to the Directory?
After you request access to the Directory and receive your email instructions and log into the Church Center App you will see a banner prompting you to share your information in the Directory.
Click on the banner and follow the instructions (this is where you decide what information you want to share).

Note: You must be logged into the Church Center Web or Mobile App and already have access to the Directory to include your information in the Directory (Remember to request your access First).

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